Sunday, May 4, 2008

Yesterday had bbq at pasir ris for my 21st birthday. Thank my uncles and aunties for BBQ pit, food etc.. I did enjoy myself throughout the day.
Thanks for the wishes, blessings,presents and Hong Baos.

I was quite tired today. I can't even woke up this morning. Yesterday I just went to sleep after chatting on the phone. Had a wonderful chat to update Nic since she's busy with school work and stuff.
Ok la rather pek chek today with some miscommunication with few ppl. But i'm fine no worries, and i'm not angry with anybody. I already plan certain stuff and suddenly last minute changes and nobody even inform me the venue to hold the event had changed. haiz!
Today's Ypf talk was about how to share the gospel after a sports game with a person something like that. I did learnt abit here and there as not much details was taught by the speaker i think. I went for the talk becoz usually in my free time i will ask few of my friends to play sports with me like swimming, basketball, badminton and jogging. So if i got the opportunity and i'm ready, i may like to start a conversation with the person to share gospel with him/her.

Tomorrow i meeting pei ling for bible study as she bought me a book to do in my free time. Well, She do know my character fast enough. But i think there's a gap between us as we talk sometimes. I got hard time telling her my current situation now. Is not that i don't want to listen to her and being ignorant as she gave me few advices and i know she cares. But i have my own way of doing things and i do admit that i was lazy and slow enough in thinking of what to do. I did ponder about the advices and i do appreciate that time was given for me to think. Sorry for the word BUT, sometimes i need longer time to think and lots of up coming events coming up plus i need adjustment for my time as well. If i start to agree to do something, then the rest of the things i'm currently doing.. i probably might give up as i dont intend to give up right now. Sorry, i never wrote specificity on what's the problem.. as it was a long story if i really want to type. I was quite frustrated anyway when i met her recently. I don't really like to explain as i'm not really good in words. So i can't really explain to her my problems. Pei ling did asked ppl around who know me as she help me with my problems. Hai! i do admit again that i dont really know what my interest are, so very hard to talk to me to help me. Actually now i just go with the flow and i did think of what am i going to do for rest of my life. But Pei ling don't want me to waste my time doing nothing as i understood what she told me. Pei ling wants me to do something meaningful in future for career. But her plans for me is something i never taught off at the moment.
May God lead me and guide me to do things that please Him and what He wants me to do for His kingdom to glorify Him.

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