Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Yesterday so tired.. busy smsing so many ppl to settle some stuff.
I also had bible study with Pei ling in the afternoon. The bible study was good as i did learnt alot. But i forgot to ask questions regarding some issues. Wasted!
We had bible study at the sky lab garden. So cool la..

Today went to ps again to celebrate Amos's early birthday. Today went to arcade to play. I saw 3 gals take turns to play the basketball shooting game. They were good at the game la. I actually wanna play Time Crisis 4 latest arcade game, but dont have good player parther to play with la.. Ok it reminds me playing with my ex as we play together. Becoz my ex good at this shooting game. I also realised all my ex likes play video games. The other ex of mine like to play driving game " Initial D". One of the card for initial D he bought got put my name on it. The other ex, i always go to his sister(my friend)house to company her. Ended up always entertain her brother by playing play station until he likes me. So funny.
I like to play video games too. :)
Me and my good friends always play the touching screen machine.

Amos treat me to play arcade... Don't worry only $2 and i ask Amos to share the tokens with me. So paiseh la to use all the tokens as the money not mine. But i had a great time as i never play arcade for a long time.

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