Thursday, May 8, 2008

Today went Ps again with Yu'an...
We stayed 3 hours there as we waited for Yu'an's photos to be develope.
Anyway, both of us survive in Ps for 3 hours as we wasted alot of time going up and down the escalator to look out for items we wanted to buy. But both of us were tired as well as we kept walking around Ps.
Now we were quite familar with Ps as we kept entering few shops to look out for items. So funny!
We did spent alot of money too. :(

Just ended a quarrel with a good friend of mine. Actually since we graduated from ITE we didnt really contact each other, so the relationship between us eventually drops. Anyway is good to talk to her to pour out what i and my other friend felt about her.

Sorry gal, i didn't meet u yesterday as i not free. I hope that you will be fine today.

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