Thursday, May 8, 2008

I kneel down by my bed side and pray
To cast all my problems and worries to you I pray
I know you listens to every prayers and you always there
To help me in my needs and my weary i bear

Comfort my sadness in me
Put me in your arms to rest in peace
Just like a father in you i see
I can feel the love you have for me.

Whenever I'm discourage and fall you will always encourage me
Helping me in every way to stand up on my feet
Telling me that it's alright lets try again
For you always beside me to guide me.

In your time and will i trust in thee
For you take away the obstacles that are before me
Putting my faith in you always
For you know what is the best for me.

Thanking God the Father
Who is so loving and protect me
Giving me the hope eternally

You are the only one who i belief
For you died on the cross for our Sins once and for all
And had given us the salvation by your grace you set us free.
For you resurrected 3 days after the death and you open up a way for me
To walk with you in your path of rightousness
To heaven you make a room for me.

Teach me with your precious word in my weakness
To change my old ways to new
To glorify you always and Forever.

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