Monday, June 9, 2008

Quite tired today during work, helping Sophia to change and upgrade the website for client. I do until slightly headache and will stone then easily stare at the computer screen for few second. Ha!

Today lunch time not bad, a aunty sat with me. Because no space to sit at the coffee shop so she choose to sat with this little girl, that's me. muahahaa!

I super welcome her to sit with me when she ask me whether anybody sit opposite me. I guess in the office i never really talk so much since only got me and Sophia working together at the moment.

I make friend with the auntie la. I share my tissue with her after we finished our meal. (Btw she don't have tissue to wipe her mouth)

I took out my tissue then i asked her whether she need a piece of tissue to wipe her mouth since i need to wipe my mouth too.

After taking a piece of tissue from me then she started talking to me. Quite happy, at least somebody talk to me. If not so bored la...

Now everywhere i go even having my lunch, earpiece sure stuck one side of my ear.

Without music i will feel uncomfortable easily.

If i want to sleep, i will also listen to music so will sleep faster.

1 week never see my cousin as she when for a 5days camp training to build your confident or motivation in whatever your goals are with my other cousin. They had a wonderful time as this famous teacher(i forgot his name) kinda funny every time he talks. That what i heard from my cousin. This camp quite expensive cost about hundred plus.

The teacher ask each student there to draw their goals as motivation. Now whatever she drew pasted in my room wall. My cousin goal was to go Xin Ming sec at Hougang with her good frined in school. Kinda funny as i read and saw what she drew.

Oh i like the drawing at the very top, Winnie the Pooh. Best picture i ever drew for my standard.
I look at the original pic then just draw. The Winnie the Pooh characters only Winnie the Pooh don't look like Winnie the Pooh. Sad!
The heart shapes around the drawing was done by my colleague last time as i still work as shoes promoter in Sk metro.
The 3 Polars poster was bought by Nicole in Penang i think. I do agree with the wording on the posters where it says "We may meet many friends in life. Once in a while there comes and leave footprints in your heart." It apply to few of my close and good friends. The come and they leave wonderful memories in our hearts.
The rest of the drawing was my cousin de.

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