Saturday, June 7, 2008

大合唱 (四川大地震)

Alot of airtist combined and sang alot of songs for the people in 四川, to share and to bring the comfort and strength to them.
I found this 4 songs, but there's 2 more song i like but cannot find.


比較美好的世界 MV

承諾 MV - 北京藝員完全版

This song 承諾 was actaully sung by a group of band. It actually composed by a singer as his elder brother passed away in car accident. The people rewrite the song and sing for 四川 people. I also realised inside this video got Korean singer too.

【把愛傳出去】風中的羽翼 (大合唱),為四川的災民祈福

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