Thursday, June 5, 2008

Just came back from lunch with Sophia. Sophia is a christian and now she's attending church in City Harvest Church. Have a good chat with each other to know each other better. We even have the same weak points too. Quite funny.

She's very nice too, she will lend me few relvant books and Cd for references for website design. I even lent Sophia a worship CD that Rene bought for me not long ago.

Now everyday she come to work abit stress out because she need to do few changes on a website for client and certain program still cannot work or work properly.
Pray that she able to finish this project asap smoothly and strengthen her for next coming new project for Punggol Marina Country Club as she needs to work with 2 people. This two people, one will do the website, the other will go punggol marina to get information.
Not easy!

All the best to her.

Btw i just heard Barnie song coming from Sophia's laptop. Haha!

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