Saturday, June 7, 2008

yesterday heard a new Japanese song by 飞轮海. I thought was a good attempt for them at sing Jap since some Taiwanese people they can speak Jap too. Taiwanese like to go shopping in Japan especially Luo Zhi Xiang and Jolin Tse Yi Lin.
Japanese artist also like to go Taiwan to have their concert there.

Stay With You Fahrenheit 飞轮海

Luo Zhi Xiang feat. Koda Kumi - Twinkle

Koda Kumi is the Japanese Sexy Pop Princess and Luo Zhi Xiang(who look like Yamapi) is very Popular in Taiwan.

Luo Zhi Xian Feat. Cai Yi Lin - Shake mama

One of my fav song in Kbox. Usually will sing with Yun Fang(K Buddy) because she can rep. Then i will always sing the Jolin Part(I still dont really know how to rep Jolin's Part La).

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