Friday, June 20, 2008

Today quite tired. I almost slept in the office during work around 10am plus to 12pm plus. My eyes started closing and sleep. haiyo!

Tml working alone again and i got lotsa things to do. I need to change the layout for client. Pray that i can finish and everything will go smoothly. On thursday before i went to Ya Camp. I almost finish changing and upgrading the website for client. BUT! i accidentally adjust something then the layout all went out. Can't adjust back the position. So scary! i quickly dont dare to touch the website and asked Sophia to saved me before i go for YA chalet. I bought a box of biscults for Sophia as to thank her and also paiseh to trouble her to do the layout.
She like the biscults la... keep eating in the office today.. haha

Suddenly i got a bad headache around 6 plus as i slowly pack up my stuff then head down to church for choir practise. But i'm fine around 8 plus.

Quite boring tml...

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