Sunday, July 6, 2008

today work was ok... not tiring at all, not alot of people shopping today too.most of my time stuck in the store do stock taking. Hee! Happy...tml i need to do stock again so happy haha
I'm so happy to see Sonia today.. Its been 2 years since i stop working as Vivie promoter. I walked over to her counter just now to talk to her. I stood at her counter then Sonia stared at me for few seconds then she "Aaa... Wen Ling!" I was happy is becoz i have a close friend to talk to at work. We just talk and laugh since we got nothing better to do and she compliant to me about a customer.Sonia is 30 this year. But she dont look like she's 30. She's a slow learner (even her boyfriend whom she stead for nearly 10 years say her stupid) but hard working gal. She's quite skinny and light too. But she can eat... Another person whom i close to at work is Xu Juan(malaysian) today then i know she same age as me.
She ask me how old am i?so i said 21 this year.Then she "You year 87!?" then i "ya"...And then she said "Same As Me!"I was like "really?"then she "yaaaa..."
She looks quite mature, like a 23 years old girl.Xue Juan got stomachache today.. she ate sotong rice. She thinks is too oily that course the problem.She kept calling my name to disturb me.when i come to work already, she will say " Wen Ling Lai Le Arh?"It always reminds me of my sister Yuki.. Hai miss her. I still got contact Yuki and she said she's coming to find me when she's free.Last time i was quite touch as she came down and find me when i worked.
Xue Juan and Sonia knows that i got two jobs now. Sonia even asked me.. "You need money arh?" i was like "no.. becoz short handed. If not i wont even want to work here" I will work for Ya mei aunty is becoz i work alone before at Bugis OG.. will work like mad.

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