Saturday, July 12, 2008

I injuired my right leg.. maybe its becoz i did't stand properly by use one leg strength to support my body strength. If not is becoz a pair of flat shoes i'm wearing.
I did apply medicine yesterday, so i pray that my leg will gets better.
I can't really walk and stand for too long since i've hurt the nerve.
My dad prayed for me yesterday too.. Although i felt awkward, but i felt contended to have a father like him.


Although my dad is not educated and don't really know how to express himself by explaining why? I know that he cares for me in many ways that he could.
He has a heart of service to others with a great smile on his face, to cheer and pray for others.

"Thanks for encouraging me and trying your best to cheer me up in my problems"
"Thanks for working so hard to support the family"
"Thanks for always trying your best to understand us and help us in everyways you could."
"Sorry for treating you transparent in the past where me and brother didn't notice that we didn't talk to you much and to tell you our problems. We makes you sad as you are our dad and you didn't even really know anything about our problems."
"Thanks for warming up this loving family"

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