Monday, August 4, 2008

Ahhaaa... i had a good laughed on Friday during the small home gospel rally.
It was fun to sit with out Church so called 'Youth Table'.( included Kuan Lao shi, Sister Tracy, Brother Marcus and Sister Wei ling) Opss!
The two pregnant lady quite funny too.
Sitting together in that 'Youth Table' really brings out the youthfulness character in us where we kept talking about our awful embarrass funny past experiences and jokes than ended up laughing out loud until our mouth cant close. Had a good laughed on Friday and all thanks to Marcus's sharing about his embarrass moment experiences where he took his driving. Wei ling heard a few times still laughed like mad.
I had a wonderful talk with Wei ling too. Seldom talk to her for so long or just talk although we get to see each other every Sunday. Becoz both of us always gets busy talking with our brothers, sisters and friends in Church. It was really great talking to her on Friday. Yup! she did encourage me again just like sister Rene. :)
They are somebody whom i quite looking forward to talk to in times of difficulties as they will remember your problems,to pray for you, encourages and concern about your spiritual life. I had two wonderful Sisters in Christ. Thanks God!

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