Monday, August 4, 2008

Yesterday was Liu Liu's, Wei Wei's, Li Hua's and Jing Wen's baptism. Congrats!
I'm touch by their testimony and as i see each of them, it recalls how i got to know each of them as well. And to see their growth and fervently serving His people in His kingdom to glorify God.

Just talk about Li Hua and Xin Mei...

Xin Mei and Li Hua having a hard time since they came to Singapore until now. But i give Thanks to God always for sustaining and strengthen both sisters faith in Him in every ways. To bring hope, peace and comfort by bring brothers and sisters in church to help and continuous prayer for their needs. Me and Jerry did try to find job for them as well. But shall pray hard for both sisters in their directions and job. Looking at both sisters in church, it was rather sad and my heart always felt heavy and burden as i see them in the situation they having now. Just don't want to see them feeling sad. Each question seems to appear in my mind like "what can i do for them?" and "how can i help them?"

During and after Li Hua's testimony, it recalls the time when i first met both sisters in the Christmas caroling. After that they came to our church along with their problems they have encounter. When i saw one of them in church, my mind always wonder "how are they now?"

After Li hua's testimony, suddenly i have alot of things in my heart to tell her. So i just took out my pencil and a note book that i wanted to pass to Li hua later, I just wrote what i felt. I can't speak and explain things well, so i prefer writing.

The tears almost filled my eyes but i held back and kept silence for awhile as my mind keep flashing on what Li hua and Xin mei told me. I felt heavy and sad as i roughly can feel how they are feeling. There were few times after talking to them on one of the Sunday, i wanted to cry as i heard how they struggles with their problems etc... that was why they felt like going back to China for awhile. As i talked to Xin Mei, i dont know is reflection or what but kinda slight teary eyes as she told me her problems.

I guess, are their down moment now...

But anyway I'm glad to see Li hua's baptism. It was great and I'm really very happy for her.

Wanted to post about Wei Wei too but nvm, i think my story will be very long. haha

After the baptism, we went to Ps with Jerry, Jasmine, James, Robert didi, Li Chuang and Me. We celebrated Liu Liu's baptism at KFC and it was rather funny with the 3 Js around. Keep joking and shooting each other especially James kanna shoot by Jerry and Jasmine (haha poor James). We sat there and laugh la until we were tired and li chuang suggested to go home as he was tired.

After that went out with Jasmine as she need to go popular to buy stationarys at SK.

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