Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beijing Olympic 2008

Yesterday went to Uncle Xubo's house to watch the Beijing opening Olympic ceremony. The Beijing Olympic opening ceremony was so fascinating that i couldn't leave my eyes from the television to look esle where. The fireworks, performances and the lighting were great.
I like how they presented the whole opening ceremony except the part where Olympic participants from various country got to walk in to the stadium. Too long and draggy.
From then on, i leave the sofa and start calling and sms my friend plus disturb Ting Ting. Couldn't help it but to laugh when i disturb her. After eating the banana, i took the banana skin and dance in front of her and i did some weird actions.

I even took few pictures with few sisters. :D

Best pics..

Funny Pics ( keep laughing like mad )

ehhhh~ don't eat my banana.

Groupy pics

Too loving to be true..
My head too close to her face and when she turn her head, the right side of my lips accidentally kiss her cheek. ahaha opssy!

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